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Arif Rahman
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What Is a Brand Partnership?
Where two or more brands collaborate via strategic marketing campaigns to help each other achieve their objectives. It is where a primary brand has the ideal product or service to complement a secondary brand; utilizing target audiences to improve their value proposition.

Why Partner With Haven?
At Haven, we believe in a “win-win” type of partnership. We look for like-minded brands who share the same values and vision as we do. We only partner with a select few brands at one time. This allows our brands to get the most out of the partnership. We have a 200 + members strong community and growing. Our members are in multiple industries such as health, wellness, and sustainability. They can provide much-needed feedback for your product or service.

What’s Included In a Brand Partnership? 
We created the brand program, to not only add value to our members but to help brands expand and gain crucial feedback about the products & services they provide. Help us help you. We offer multiple brand activation packages and partnerships with other key Co-living communities around the globe.

+ Global Co-living Partnerships: Space to space access for members
+ Digital activations: Social media platforms - Direct interaction with members via our private communication app
+ On Campus activations: 2-4 hour on-campus brand activations
+ Free flow markets on campus: (once per quarter) Think farmers market with a spicy twist
+ Event sponsorships: Communal breakfasts, lunches & dinners, holiday parties, urban excursions, and or your own private event
+ We also offer photography and videography packages to go along with your activation (provided by our talented members)

Haven properties are designed and built by professional designers and make for a great lifestyle and product photos. We have some other “top secret” ways to engage with our community, but we'll tell you those in person.

What Does a Brand Partnership Cost?
We’d love to give you this answer beforehand, but the truth is we just don’t know until we know. Each brand will have different needs. What we can tell you is that we have multiple packages to fit the budgets of small, medium, and large companies. Packages start from $600 and go up from there. We only partner with you if it makes sense for both brands, we are here to help your brand expand and grow. This will be determined by a brand discovery call.

How Long Does a Partnership Last?
Typically we have a three to six-month partnership, with a one-month trial run to kick things off. Again, each brand will be different and we want to make sure your brand's ROI is of the utmost importance. If the first month goes well, we will continue the partnership. If for some reason the partnership is not working out for either organization, we will end the agreement at the one-month mark. No hard feelings, we just want to make sure our community is adding value to your brand and vice versa.

Please fill out the brand partnerships application and we’ll get back to you asap. We truly appreciate your time and energy, Thank you.

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